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Marriage Preparation Course  
Cinta Abadiā€¦Marriage of a Lifetime is an enhanced Marriage Preparation Course (MPC), targeted at couples preparing for marriage for the first time. The Cinta Abadi MPC will set the stage for couple to start a journey of falling in love again and again with each other, throughout the marriage. Married-to-be couples not only learn to plan their wedding day but also learn and discover about their husband- and wife-to-be who will be their partner of a lifetime. Throughout the two-day programme, participants are guided by trained marriage educators on how they could build a strong foundation in their relationship.

From the Islamic perspectives, achieving a successful marriage life requires:

Reliving the Sunnahs to achieve a blessed family life
Committing oneself towards achieving a blissful family life
Building a network of harmonious family ties
Nurturing one's children if blessed with any, into a responsible adult who contributes to the family, society, nation and religion

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Last updated: 4 December 2013